We've partnered and collaborated with many different conservation organizations in our quest to help conserve and improve our smallmouth fisheries.  We're an affiliate member of the Conservation Federation of Missouri. We've partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation on many different fisheries management, angler education and public outreach activities since 1992.  That relationship has allowed us to post our informational signs at MDC river and stream accesses throughout the Ozarks and helped us advocate for more progressive regulations.  

We were one of twenty-nine conservation stakeholders who worked with the Missouri Chapter of the Nature Conservancyto develop a Meramec River Conservation Action plan and will continue to collaborate with them on other such projects. 

Many of us are also members of other conservation oriented angling organizations such at Trout Unlimited, various chapters of the International Federation of Fly Fishers and we actively seek for opportunities to partner with and collaborate on mutually beneficial projects with such groups.   

When the four real-time water monitoring gages operated by the United States Geological Survey on the Big Piney River and Robidoux Creek were recently in danger of being discontinued due to loss of funding we were part of of a group of stakeholders including the Department of Defense, the MDC, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Missouri Department of Transportation, and the Mid Missouri Chapter of Trout Unlimited who helped secure funding so that would not happen. 

AsStream Team 509 we participate in river cleanups, have adopted MDC Accesses, and routinely conduct water quality testing. Our volunteers recently participated in a year long Meramec River Basin Nutrient Monitoring project with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

We advocate for progressive fisheries management, sound land use practices, and clean, healthy, free-flowing waterways.    

Why do we do this?  We love smallmouth fishing and would like for our children and future generations to continue to be able to enjoy this rich heritage.