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We hold events throughout the year:  the February Freezeout, March Sign Posting Blitz, Castor River Cleanup, Water Quality Monitoring, the Spring Opener on the Jacks Fork, Summer Fishing, Operation Clean Stream, and the Fall Outing.  Our members also regularly meet and fish with each other year-round.  

2023 Events: 

January 18th Meeting

February 15th Meeting

February Freezout, 17th-19th

March 26th Meeting - Fundraiser 

Mid April - Sign Posting

Late April - Castor River Cleanup

May 19-20 Bunker Hill Resort: Jack's Fork Outing

June 7 - Happy Hour 6:30 Civil Life  

July 5 -Happy Hour 6:30 2nd Shift 

August 2 -Happy Hour 6:30 O'Fallon Brewing

August - Operation Clean Stream: Bourbeuse

September 20 - Meeting 6:30 Melvin

October 18 - Happy Hour 6:30 Golden Hoosier

November 8 - Happy Hour 6:30 Main and Mill Festus

December 6 - Christmas Party 6:30 Melvin

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