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We Educate Ourselves and Others About Smallmouth Bass, Conservation, and Fishing 

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Educational Sign Creation, Printing, and Posting 

We believe that if anglers know more about just how long it takes for Smallmouth Bass to grow, on average, in Missouri Ozark streams, they might choose to "Free the Fighter" so they can enjoy fishing for them again another day.  So, we developed, in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Conservation, an educational sign which our volunteers post at MDC, Forest Service, and Missouri State Park river accesses throughout the Missouri Ozarks in order to help raise awareness about how long it takes, on average for Missouri Smallmouth to grow and the importance of catch and release angling. 

We Believe in Staying Informed About Smallmouth Bass and Science In Order to Make Good Decisions as Conservationists and Anglers 

We publish a monthly newsletter, The Bronzeback News , in which members can learn about smallmouth fishing, conservation, and upcoming events.  



Other Essential Resources 


ALWAYS check the USGS Real-Time Water data BEFORE you go! 

Know the regs? Not sure? Click on the logo to the left. 

We seek for and share the most up-to-date and comprehensive sources of information about our favorite game fish and where they live.  Please supplement and enhance your knowledge of our rich and complex Missouri Ozark streams and smallmouth fisheries by reading these publications: 


Click here to read about Smallmouth Science 



Click here to read about Stream Science 

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